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Plug Roads into your existing land system!Direct data exports & imports for maximum operating efficiency.

User Fact

After implementing Pandell Roads, an intermediate-sized energy company earned 40 times its initial investment by introducing AER-data validated back-billing to its road use management.

Have Us Host Your Application

Pandell’s Offsite Hosting Service delivers our applications to you over the web from a world class data center with 99.9% uptime, full backups, and highly secured user access.

How we structure our hosting environment

Data Center

A key step to guarding your data is physically protecting the servers that host it. Pandell’s servers are hosted at Q9 Network’s world class facility in the heart of downtown Calgary.

  • Redundant failover network connections
  • Onsite backup uninterruptible power supplies and generators
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Fire prevention monitoring with pre-action fire suppression
  • 24/7 video and onsite security staff surveillance
  • Secure bullet-resistant entrances with biometric access controls

Servers and Data Backups

In addition to the physical protection, Pandell's comprehensive toolsets and processes constantly monitor, protect, and backup the ‘virtual’ world inside the servers.

  • Internal and external security controls to restrict access
  • Secured firewall access with third party intrusion detection
  • Uninterruptable power supplies and failover virtual servers
  • Real-time monitoring for disk space, uptime, performance, etc.
  • Full and incremental data backups stored on and off site
  • Disaster recovery exercises performed for data verification
  • Third party intrusion prevention and detection system (IPS/IDS)

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